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WALLAUER, Ferd., farmer, sec. 5, P.O. Red Wing.

WALPERS, William,
farmer, sec. 4, P.O. Red Wing.

WARD, Charles, farmer, sec 19, P.O. Zumbrota. Was born in Mass., October 13, 1818, when 26 years of age went to Lowell, Mass, engaged in the mercantile business. Married Harriet King on April 21, 1847; she was born in Chelsea, VT on February 20, 1825. Was in business in Lowell until 1856, came to this county and pre-empted the land on which he now lives. Has one son, Charles A. The family are members of the Cong. Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

, farmer, sec. 26 P.O. Pine Island.  Born in Albany, NY in 1818.  Married Sally Calkin in 1841; she was born in state of New York in 1821.  Emigrated in March 1867, and settled near his present estate, where he lived until 1871, when he moved to Zumbrota and engaged in making cheese four years, when he returned to this town and settled on his present estate of 54 acres.  Supervisor for one term and member of the M.E. Church.  Have four children -- Charles H., William B., Martha V. and Ira D. (Civil War) eldest son, enlisted 1862 in Company B., 121st NY. V.I., and served until the close of the war.  Partcipated in battles of Fredericksburg, whre he was taken prisoner and exchanged, and again taken prisoner at Spotsylvania Court House, and confined in Andersonville, transferred to Florence, S.C. where he remained six months and released by the march of Shermans army to the sea.  Returned home and is now engaged in milling in Zumbrota. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878

WEAVER, Conrad,
plasterer, city.

WEBB, Martin L.(Civil War) 
merchant and P.O. residence Roscoe. Born in Ohio in 1845.  Came to this county in 1858 and settled in this township and in October 1861, enlisted in Co. D, 4th Minn, V.I.  Served one year and transferred to the 11th Ohio battery, and served two years, when he was again transfeerd to the old 4th Minn.  Participated in the seige of Corinth, Iuca, two days battle at Vicksburgh, Chatarsa and Altoona Mountains, where he was wounded, and in October 1864 was mustered out.  Re-enlisted in March 1865 in Hancock's First Amry Corps Veteran Volunteers and served until the close of the war.  Mustered out and discharged at Indianapolis.  Returned home and went to Pope county, where he married Isabel S. Pennie in 1868.  She was born in Scotland in 1844.  Returned to this township and settled on a farm in section 18, where he lived until 1877, when he moved on his present estate and opened a store.  Was appointed postmaster the same year, was town treasurer one year. Mary L., Angeline J., Mabel, Harvey, Jr., and Blanche are their children. Mr. W's father, Oliver, settled in this township in 1857, and still lives near this village.  History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878

WEBER, Andrew,
farmer, sec. 20, P.O. Hay Creek

WEED, David, farmer and brrom manufacturer, sec. 31, residence Central Point, P.O. Lake City. Born in Fairfield, CT in 1818 from which state he emigrated to Kenosha county, WI., and was one of the first settlers in that territory, taking charge of 1,000 acres of land. In 1855 went to Fox River, WI. where he married Mary Northfield. She was born in England in 1836. In 1856 he moved to Fond Du Lac and in 1858 came to this county, bringing 3,000 head of cattle, which he lost by speculation and has acquired his present position by his perseverance and industry. Now owns farm of 195 acres, valued at $75 per acre. Was justive of the peace three years, town treasurer and school treasurer, and was always interested and identified in the interests of the town and county. Josephine, Fannie, Martha, Charles, Lincoln and Jennie are their living children. Lost two, Jesse and David. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

WEIBUSCH, Peter, farmer, sec. 36, P.O. Hay Creek

WEICH, Henry,
farmer, sec. 32, P.O. Red Wing.

WEISS, Mick,
farmer, sec. 13, P.O. Red Wing.

WELLS. William S. (Civil War) of Hubbard, Wells & Company, proprietors of the "Forest Mills", was born in Elmira, NY on June 26, 1839; at the age of 16 he arrived in Napierville, Illinois, there worked on a farm in summer and went to school in winter, until the spring of 1857; then engaged with a drover at $12 per month, and came with him to Minnesota; made a claim near Zumbrota and followed various employments until September of 1861, when he enlisted in Co. I, 2nd Minn. V.I. served the regiment until severely wounded and taken prisoner at Chickamaugua; was paroled and sent through the lines to Chattanooga, ten days after the battle; confined at Chattanooga from September 29, 1863 to March 1, 1864, when he was able to move, procured his discharge, March 9, 1864; returned to Minnesota in May, engaged in farming and stock business. In 1867, in company with H.H. Palmer, commenced the erection of the "Forest Mills"; completed in May 1868, now operated under the firm name of "Hubbard, Wells & Company". Established the "Forest Mills Store" in 1870, and in company with Messrs Hubbard, Ford and Brown, built the Mazeppa Mills in 1875. Mr. Wells has operated quite extensively in horses over a large portion of the United States, from St. Paul to the Rio Grande and in 1874 started "Benson's Livery", the largest in the State, west of Minneapolis, operated under the firm name of W.S. Wells & Company. In 1878, in company with General Hubbard and James G. Lawrence, obtained control of the M.M.R.R., which was at that time in deplorable condition. They at once commenced its improvement, and built 45 miles of road in 50 days, taking much of the material from the rough, and under the new management, the road is much improved, as well as its financial condition. Mr. Wells married July 3, 1864 to Emma Dickey; their children are: Carrie M., Glenn W., Emma and William S. Mrs. Wells is a member of the Methodist Church; his creed is a simple faith in God and nature. History of Goodhue county, Red Wing, MN 1878.

WESTERSON, Andrew, farmer, sec. 29, P.O. White Rock and Vasa.

farmer, sec. 30, P.O. Vasa.

, farmer, sec. 17, P.O. Vasa. Was born in Sweden, September 15, 1821. Came to America in 1854 and settled in Red Wing, where they lived until 1856, when he moved to this farm, consisting of 120 acres, worth $50 per acre. Married Betsey Nelson, July 30, 1853. She was born Jan. 8, 1829. Their children -- August born October 1, 1854, Emma born Feb. 8, 1856; Charles born Dec. 26, 1858; Frank born Nov. 26, 1860; Beta born Jan. 5, 1862; Manty born Jan. 15, 1865 and Esther born June 1, 1869. Members of the Swedish Evangelical Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

farmer, sec. 21, P.O. Vasa.

farmer, sec. 21, P.O. Vasa.

, farmer, sec. 11, P.O. Frontenac.

WESTMAN, Gustavus of the firm Westman & Co., dealers in general merchandise, Cannon Falls. Was born in Sweden, January 18, 1828. When ten years of age he entered his father's shoe shop to learn the trade. At the age of 18 he joined the Swedish artillery and served two years. Married in Sweden, Christine Johnson, September 18, 1853; who was born April 8, 1828. November of 1853 he came to America, first settled in Indiana, resided there until 1856, came to Minnesota and settled in Chisago county. October 1857, he moved to this village. The fall of 1875 he was elected representative to the General Assembly of Minnesota, on an Independent ticket. October 31, 1876 his wife died, beloved and respected by all. June 9, 1878 Mr. Westman married Mrs. Josephine Norelius; she was born in Sweden on February 23, 1846; has by her former marriage one child, Eva J. born March 24, 1872. Mr. Westman has two adopted children, Nellie V, born December 18, 1863 and John A. born September 23, 1869. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

WHEELER, O.C., (Civil War) was born in Jefferson county, NJ on March 2, 1831. When about 6 years old, he came with parents to Chautauqua county, NY where he resided until 1860, when he went to the oil regions of Pennsylvania and remained until July 20, 1862, when he enlisted in the 12th PA Cavalry, Company E. Was promoted to lieutenant and honorably discharged on July 20, 1865. He then returned to Danville, PA remained a few months and moved to Pittston, where he was foreman in a door, sash and blind manufactury for eight years. In 1873 he came to Minneapolis and was foreman in Johnson and Copeland's door, sash and blind manufactury until the spring of 1878, when he came to Red Wing and is now foreman in the D.C. Hill's door, sash and blind manufactury. Married Ella Wallace in Danville, PA on April 12, 1864. Their children are Herbert E, Frank, Nellie, Ida, Orville and Harry.

WHEET, William, farmer, sec. 6, P.O. Cannon Falls.

WHIPPLE, Charles J. farmer, sec. 21 P.O. Zumbrota. Born in Madison county, NY on September 10, 1845. Removed to Rochester, NY in 1861; and in 1865 came to this county, settled on his present estate of 160 acres, a fine farm. Married Louisa A. Nichols, February 1, 1866; she was born in Plymouth, VT on March 4, 1840. Charles, Mary, Wllace N, Clarence are their living children. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

., farmer, sec.

WHITE, Clark B., attorney at law, Pine Island. Born in Wyoming county, NY in 1827. Married Sabra Tome in 1849. She died August 1865. Helen and Carrie are their living children. Lost two -- Glenn and Gertrude. Emigrated to this county in 1856 and settled in this village. Was elected to the legislature in 1860 and re-elected in 1873. Was also chairman of the county board and served about 11 years as postmaster. His present wife, Mary F. Merrill was born in Chatauqua county, NY in 1844. Their only child is Clyde. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

WHITE, Joel, farmer, sec. 32, P.O. Frontenac.

WHITE, Leonard, farmer, sec. 24, P.O. Cannon River Falls. Born in N.H. on April 6, 1818. At 24 years of age shipped as a sailor and followed a seafaring life for five years, was then engaged as teamser in the city of Boston until 1854. July of that year, moved to this county, settling where he now lives; owns 160 acres of land; is a prominent citizen and local polictician. Married Mary Hoffstater, May 31, 1856; she was born in Ohio on December 29, 1834. Their children are Frances M. and Lizzie A. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

WHITSON, Robert, farmer, sec. 22, P.O. Cannon River Falls. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland on October 24, 1827. Came to America and settled in Canada in 1835, where he married Mary A. Riddle on January 7, 1848. She was born in Canada on April 19, 1828. In 1863 he came to this county settling on his present estate, consisting of 200 acres, worth $45 per acre. Their children are -- Jennette, Robert A., Ellen, James, Isabella V, John and Henry. They have lost one child by death named William, who died at the age of ten years. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

WICKUM, John, farmer, sec. 2, P.O. Red Wing.


WIKUM, Hans H.,
farmer, sec. 30, P.O. Norway. Was born in Norway February 18, 1839. Came to America in 1861, settling in this township; moved to this farm in 1866. where he owns 292 acres. Married Synnyva Anfanjensdatter in 1865. She was born in Norway, February 11, 1849. Their children are -- Ida Susanna, Hans Nicolaus, Albert, Olaus and Henry. Two children deceased -- Karen S. and Hans, who died in infancy. The family are members of the N.E.L. Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

WIKUM, Rasmus H.,
farmer, sec. 31, P.O. Norway. Was born in Norway, April 14, 1849; came to America in 1860 and settled in this county; moved to his present farm in 1865, which consists of 255 acres. Married Dorothea G. Orven in June 1865; she is a native of Norway. Their children are -- Jens A., Louisa, Hans Nicoli, Joseph and Susanna. The family are members of the N.E.L. Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

WILCOX, C.N., proprietor of Oxford Flouring Mill, P.O. Cannon River Falls. Born in NY on August 5, 1829. In 1834 moved with his parents to Alleghany county, NY. In 1847 went to Erie county, PA, engaged in the milling business. Married Elizabeth A. Pike on January 3, 1853. She was born in Dunkirk, Chataugua county, NY on March 17, 1836. In 1857 moved to Wayne county, Indiana; thence in 1859 to Dundas, Rice County, MN, where he engaged in the milling business until 1867, then moved to this place and in partnership with J.S. and E.T. Archibald, erected the Oxford Mill, having since purchased his partners' interest. George H. Edwin A., Martha E., Ida M, Charles E. and Nina F. are their children. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

WILLIAMSON, Ole, farmer, sec. 15, P.O. Aspelund.

farmer, sec. 9, P.O. Aspelund.

justice of peace, village.

farmer, sec. 8, P.O. Aspelund. Was born in Norway, November 15, 1842. Came to America, settling in Grundy county, Illinois. In 1856, moved to this county, settling where he now lives. Owns 320 acres of land, He has held the office of township supervisor; is also president of the Aspelund Society. In 1875, was appointed postmaster, which office he still retains. Married Susan Nelson, in this township, June 11, 1869. She is a native of Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Their children are -- Sarah J. Henry, Martha M. John G. and Emma J. Is a member of Urland N.E.L. Church. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

WINGE, Greis,
farmer, sec. 24, P.O. Wanamingo.

WINGE, Matthias G. farmer, sec. 24, P.O. Wanamingo before moving to and farming in Laq qui Parle county.  Also know as Mathias Winge (VINGE) and Matias (Mathias Greison) Vinge.

Mathias was born October 20, 1844 on the Nedre Vinge farm (76.6) near Skatval. He was the first member of the family to emigrate -his departure occurring when he was 22. He left Norway as a bachelor, but shortly after his arrival in Goodhue County, he married Johanna Hansdatter Vollan. Johanna, born April 20, 1848, and was raised on Austre Vollan (farm 30.2) which was situated about five kilometers east of Nedre Vinge. Because of the close proximity of the two farms, it appears likely that Mathias knew Johanna even prior to his emigration. Their first child was born in 1867, so Johanna must have emigrated around 1866 also. A brother and sister of Johanna also emigrated to America, but it is not known where they settled. Johanna was one of six children born to Hans Person and Mali Jonsdatter.  Incidentally, Mali Jonsdatter came from Nygard Auran (farm 72.4) which was one of the ancestral farms of the wife of Johan Greison Aurberget. Hans Person Vollan acquired control of the farm in 1840 from his father Per Jonson Skjervauran who had purchased Vollan in 1824.  The farm was of medium size, and in 1865 supported 2 horses, 4 cows, 8 sheep and 1 pig. Potatoes and oats were the major two crops grown in that year. Johanna's ancestors resided on farm 77.1 Skjervauran prior to 1824 and records of this family line date back to the early 1700's.

Mathias Greison and Johanna Vollan raised 12 children initially in Goodhue County and subsequently in Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota.  Mathias and Johanna died in 1910 and 1917 respectively and are buried in the Hegre Cemetery northeast of Madison, Minnesota.  SOURCE: "The Green Pastures of Vinge" by Dennis Winge, one of two books about this family. 
For more details, including pictures from America and Norway, go to  Submitted by Jon Satrum (, great-grandson of Mathias Winge.

WINGE, Otto Greison, farmer, sec. 27, P.O. Spring Creek.

jeweler, city.

dealer in agricultural implements, also musical instruments, Zumbrota village; was born in New Hampshire in 1817; moved with parents, when young to Vermont; thence in 1832 to Orleans county, VT, where he married Catherine Glidden, February 1841; she was born in that county in 1819. Moved to Concord, Mass; thence to Hollister, Mass; from there to Orleans county, VT; thence to New York, June 1861' thence in 1862 to Ohio; thence to Illinois; thence in February of 1864 to Mazeppa, Wabasha County, MN, remained until 1867, purchased a farm; remained there until 1876, then moved to his village and established his present business. His children are Mirnett, Edwin, Viola, Levi and Katie. History of Goodhue County, MN, Red Wing, 1878.

WOODWARD, Daniel F. farmer, sec. 31, P.O. Pine Island. Born in Jefferson County, NY in 1830. Married Amanda M. Briggs on February 20, 1851. She was born in NY state on November 6, 1828. First settled in Sheboygan county, Wisconsin in 1855; subsequently moving to Winnebago County, and from thence to Dodge county, where he lived until 1859; when he came to this county and settled in Cherry Grove. In 1864 he moved to this township. Franklin P., born November 14, 1852 and Hiram F., born June 16, 1858 are their children. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

physician, village.

WOODWARD, Reading, farmer, sec. 33, P.O. Fair Point. Born in New Jersey on August 13, 1823. Left that state in 1850 and went to Illinois, where he spent one year; thence to Iowa and settled in Waukon, where he was one of the early pioneers. Came to this county in November of 1854, with his brother, Benjamin and selected the claim of his present estate. His brother pre-empted on the adjoining farm and returned to Waukon, where he died in 1863. The subject of this sketch is the oldest living settler of this town, who with others made the first road survey and was elected first road supervisor at a meeting held in May 1858. Married Jane Haggard August 18, 1858. 80 acres of valuable land surround the homestead, and 10 acres of timber. Are members of the Christian Disciples, a society that was formed by the early pioneers of this township. History of Goodhue County, Red Wing, MN 1878.

farmer, sec. 20, P.O. Hay Creek

., farmer, sec. 35, P.O. Lake City.